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Samantha Crave
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Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer

Samantha is currently the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ. Samantha and her team believe every CRAVE franchisee is family and are treated as such. With 15+ years in the restaurant and franchising industry, Samantha knows the importance of overseeing all day-to-day operations alongside her staff. She will stop at nothing to ensure the franchisees and staff have the resources they need, to make the CRAVE brand a success. Her attention to detail and drive for overall team success allow customers to leave happy and Craving a return visit! Samantha’s expertise in operations, marketing and franchising allows her to lead the company confidently and effectively.

Samantha has been an integral force in the franchising sector for many years. Samantha was the founder of Emerging Franchises, a franchise development firm, which developed and built franchise companies from the ground up, specializing in emerging brands. Emerging Franchises was responsible for creating franchise operations systems and growing brands from one and in some cases hundreds of units.

Samantha was also previously the largest Multi-Unit Franchisee with Red Mango, Smoothie Factory and Red Mango Café, (SG MANGO LLC), owning and operating 10 stores on Long Island, NY. During her tenure as a multi-unit franchisee, Samantha’s stores were utilized as a corporate training stores and for Discovery Day’s, for potential franchisees. Samantha has been recognized for her outstanding operations which ultimately led to multiple franchised units sold within the Red Mango Franchise Network.

Samantha has also served as Vice President for UFood Grill, a healthy fast casual concept as well as Director of Marketing. During Samantha’s time at UFood Grill, the UFood Brand won # 22 on the “Top 100” Mover’s and Shaker’s Award by Fast Casual Magazine. Mrs. Rincione possesses a vast knowledge in Franchise Sales, Restaurant Operations, Marketing, Social Media, Restaurant Development and Training. Samantha was recognized by QSR Magazine as an excellent operator and received the MVP influencer award.

Salvatore Rincione

Founder, Chief Development Officer


Sal is currently the Co-Founder and CDO of Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ. Sal oversees development of all new locations. His experiences in the real estate and development market allow him to assist franchisees from day one, until store opening, leaving no stone unturned in the path to their success.

Sal comes with over 25 years‘ experience in Franchising, National Development and Multi Unit Restaurant Operations. In addition, Sal has overseen New Concept Development, Store Design, Construction Management and Real Estate Development.

Sal’s previous positions include CEO of UFood Grill and Vice President of Construction for Red Mango, Inc.. During his tenure at Red Mango, Sal oversaw the development of 250+ traditional and non-traditional locations throughout the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Mexico.

Notable positions include Vice President of Planet Hollywood where he was responsible for New York City’s largest restaurant at 66,000 sqft. with 30 million in revenue for that location, to include the nightclub operations and Brand Development.

Sal was also the Vice President of Operations and Development for Five Guys Burgers where he was responsible for development of Five Guys Burgers within NY and NJ as well as accountable for Operations, Real Estate and Construction Management for the Franchise and directly responsible for day-to-day operations and management of all locations.

Salvatore Rincione
Jake Moran

Jake Moran

Director of Operations, Logistics & Franchisee Relations


Jake Moran has 8+ years in the franchising and restaurant industry. Jake worked for SG MANGO, the largest Red Mango and Smoothie Factory Franchisee. He was responsible for day to day management at the main location and oversaw day to day operations for 10 units. Jake was directly responsible for opening of new units and ensuring a smooth transition. Jake also has extensive experience in the training field. Jake took lead and was the main instructor and trainer for SG MANGO. This would entail training new franchisees that entered into Red Mangos system, and preparing them to operate and run their own restaurants. Jakes expertise is in Training and Operational Excellence.

Eli Lieberman

Assistant to the CEO/Customer Relations  

Eli is a fundamental part of the CRAVE team. Ensuring customers, #BEATTHECRAVING, and CRAVE a return visit is his priority! Eli works directly with the operations team on customer feedback, suggestions and updates. Eli also makes sure no customer goes unanswered and experiences first class customer service and food. He is the direct connection between the CRAVE fan base and each franchisee, as well as the CRAVE executive team. Eli is no stranger to the hospitality industry. The last 5 years, he has worked with Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs, specializing in guest services as well as catering. Eli also spends many hours voluntering with local food kitchens.

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Mona Jones

Director of Franchise Support & Training


Mona Jones is a proud veteran of the United States Army who entered at the age of 17, right after graduating high school. Mona is a progressive and results-driven professional and entrepreneur with an impressive history of more than 25 years of enhancing performance, supporting growth and service excellence for profit and non-profit organizations in the role of Executive Administrator for numerous fortune 500 companies.

During her career, Mona is renowned for enhancing multiple organizations in the dimensions of administrative performance in four key areas: customers, internal process and innovation, Mona is committed to inspiring and empowering team members to think outside the box and make a difference in their areas. She is a versatile integral leader with strategies beyond the administrative sphere that include strengthening branding presence and customer loyalty. Being an empowering and compelling leader, she has demonstrated agility in mobilizing teams and individuals to perform at their best.

Mona has a Master’s degree of Business Administration from LeTourneau University. She lives in Dallas, Texas and loves to experience new adventures, travel and bowl in her spare time. She is ready to help others #BEATTHECRAVING

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Amanda Katz

Social Media Analyst & Training Assisant 


Amanda Katz is a high energy, highly motivated, creative and results-oriented professional. She has extensive experience in social media marketing and sales training support with a proven ability to achieve aggressive goals. Amanda has 6+ years of customer service experience and most previously worked at NCSA as a recruiting coordinator.

Nick Stone

Corporate Trainer 

Nick Stone has over 10 years in the restaurant industry leading multiple teams to achieve their personal and professional goals. Growing up in a busy family kitchen, food quickly became a passion of his and he has showcased it through passing his knowledge and experience to others. Nick has worn many hats in the industry but has extensive experience in the training field making team development a priority!

Nick lives in Palm Coast, Florida and loves to bake, travel and fish in his spare time!


Jake Moran
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Ian Davis

Corporate Trainer


Ian Davis, a seasoned professional with a decade-long career in the dynamic world of food and beverage. With over 12 years of hands-on experience, Ian has honed his skills in various roles, including corporate training and kitchen management for one of the largest cinema chains in the U.S.. Committed to delivering results and fostering growth, Ian brings a wealth of expertise to his new role at Crave. His background in the industry, coupled with a passion for inspiring teams to excel, positions him as a valuable asset in driving performance and service excellence. A dedicated professional with a knack for innovation, Ian is poised to empower individuals to push boundaries and exceed expectations. With a focus on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, he strives to elevate the success of every team member. Ian holds a deep commitment to continuous improvement and is eager to leverage his skills to help others 

 Ian lives in Dallas, TX. Ian has two cats, loves to travel and cook.

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