A Mission to Feed Hungry Children Across the United States!


Crave Saves

Who Are We & What Do We Do?

We are a passionate group of individuals that will to bring awareness to child hunger in the United States.  1 in every 8 children are at risk for hunger, that makes a whopping 9 million children across our country that suffer with hunger. 

Food insecurity is especially harmful in children as it can cause delayed development, risk of chronic illness such as anemia and asthma, behavioral issues, anxiety and aggression. 

Crave Saves has partnered with Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ, who will bring awareness through their existing and future restaurants, as well as raise money for the cause which will be donated to Crave Saves Inc.

Our Mission

Crave Saves mission is to reduce the overall cases of childhood Hunger throughout the United States. It is a growing problem that needs to be addressed which Crave Saves understands  and will work to prevent.

Our Team

Samantha - Crave

Samantha Rincione



Salvatore Rincione

Vice President

Jake Moran

Jake Moran

Operations Manager/Fundraising

Nick Stone

Nick Stone

Event Coordinator/Fundraising

Mona Jones - Director of Franchise Support

Mona Jones

Event Coordinator/Fundraising

Amanda Katz

Amanda Katz

Public Relations